This Is How I Do It:

My copywriting (Finnish and English) can make the most ardent fast fashion shopper see the light and switch to sustainable without difficulty.

I inspire and educate using multiple content types. Just tell me your poison and I’ll cook it up!

I create gorgeous and informative content for and about sustainable brands that see it as their right to get more visibility on the web.

The most common superlatives used to describe my services:

💯 Kick-ass!
💯 Next Level!
💯 Awesome, Teresa!
💯 “I like your content the best.”
💯 “That was quick!”

And here’s what I can do for you:

copywriter (finnish and english):

Let’s make your website, product and SEO copy stand out properly.

Attention-grabbing communication between you and your potential customers doesn’t have to be complicated. I will show you how much traction properly done copywriting in Finnish and/or English can actually attract! 

inspirer / educator

I thrive to inspire and educate on all things sustainable consumerism.

I believe that the best content is always either inspiring or educational, and at best BOTH! I’ve created content long enough on multiple channels to understand what makes a shopper tick, and I create Copy and Content accordingly.


Allow me to introduce 
your brand to new, conscious audience through engaging content.

Consumers already want to shop better, but they are unaware of the better brands! And with so much greenwashing going on, standing out from the crowd isn’t child’s play. I can help by introducing you to whole new audiences. Join my Meet The Brand program today!

Book an enquiry call:

Book a call with me

Let’s have a quick call to decipher your service needs. Just click the link on the right, and get booking!

let’s have a quick chat

In a video call I can answer all of your questions and you can tell me the nature of your needs and wants. If we’re a good match, the next step is:

I will send you an offer

I will tailor my services to suit your needs specifically and send you an offer to consider. Let’s get to work!

I would LOVE to introduce your brand to new audiences in a more intimate way than how fashion brands have ever been introduced before. A personal touch is what conscious consumers want, so open your doors and allow me to showcase what makes your sustainable brand unique and extraordinary!

In Meet The Brand the aim is to shape people’s shopping habits to a more sustainable direction. Here’s how the program works:

STEP 1 – Let’s discuss the values and operations of your fashion brand and, of course, what makes your brand sustainable. We will also determine your unique selling points and form a content plan.

STEP 2 – I create and execute a marketing campaign on your chosen platforms (f. ex. Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn) around your brand to showcase the unique selling points of what you can offer on another level.

STEP 3 – All you need to do now, is to sit back and watch new customers swarming into your store! Let’s get to work 🏆

Client Testimonials

Teresa Maria created some amazing content with our products that I believe have also helped other customers to make their purchase decision based on seeing the product in action!


LOVIA collection

Teresa from Meet the Brand did a truly stellar job of presenting Non Manon to her audience: I could tell that she did extensive research on my brand’s mission, my USPs, and what truly makes Non Manon special from how informative her posts were. She also created some amazing content with her blouse, from photos to reels on how to style it!


Non Manon

Teresa joined our campaign team as a content creator and copy writer and has been vital to bringing our communication strategies one step further. She’s always up for a challenge, is able to provide content in no-time and has been delivering great quality work. With Teresa in the team you know that tasks will be done and the quality of the teams work will be continuously improved. Plus, she is a lot of fun to have around in a team meeting!



Teresa Maria has been featured in:

I have had the pleasure of being featured in multiple podcasts and even a roundtable discussion all about sustainable fashion and business.

I joined a roundtable of sustainable fashion entrepreneurs to talk about the future of sustainable fashion, and how we can each help in it all.

Lovely Chelsea interviewed me about my stand on the Black Friday mania. We also discussed reasons and ways to break up with fast fashion.

I joined inspiring Vix Meldrew to discuss my future plans in terms of building and running a business in sustainable fashion. 

We had a frank chat with Jess about sustainability in fashion, why it’s so important and how we can all shop better.